Simple MP3 Cutter

Low-footprint tool that enables splicing of audio files

  • Category Editors
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.0
  • Size 15.9 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by 4dots Software

Simple MP3 Cutter is a fast, effective tool for cropping MP3 files.

As the name suggests, Simple MP3 Cutter is a straightforward and highly focused tool for cutting MP3 files. The user interface has a minimalist design and is well-organized, and most users will be able to cut and preview MP3 files with ease. There’s even some basic help information should you need it.

Simple MP3 Cutter lets you load one MP3 file into the program at a time. Once loaded, it will show the duration, set the start time to zero and set the end time to the audio length. You can then use sliders to move the start time away from zero and the end time back from the total length. The program will automatically update the new duration as you do.

There’s a play button and a stop button that you can use to preview the edited file. Make more adjustments and preview again as needed until you’ve got it just right. The program also has options that let you set the properties of the output file. Finally, there’s a cut button, which you use to begin the operation, and even with very large files, such as a several-hour-long podcast, the operation will complete in a matter of seconds.

The program also has Facebook integration. All you need to do is provide your username and password, and then you can use the program to publish finished MP3 files directly to a personal or business Facebook page. This can be particularly useful, for instance, if you’re using Simple MP3 Cutter to cut a podcast down into bite-sized slices that work well with social media.

Simple MP3 Cutter does it what it does well, but the biggest issue is that it may be too narrowly focused for most users. Most tools like this also include the option to join and edit MP3 files, and there are, of course, tools that provide this functionality, not just for MP3s but for other audio formats as well.


  • Fast operation
  • Precise cutting of MP3 files
  • Facebook integration


  • Program focus may be too narrow
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